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Client Testimonials

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts on my Google Business Profile page. Your feedback means the world to me, and I'm excited to let you know that this list is regularly updated to showcase the latest reviews. Your words truly warm my heart!


I have contacted Rina about Tarot reading and she was recommended by my friend who said that she accurately predicted recent events in his life. I am truly impressed by Rina’s professionalism, empathy, and knowledge. Her ethical and thoughtful approach made me feel at ease as she guided me through different options and paths. What truly amazed me was Rina's ability to uncover aspects I had never disclosed; her insights were remarkably accurate. The reading resonated with me on a profound level and there was no excessive questioning, she just read the cards. I will be coming back for more. Many thanks Rina that was truly exceptional!




I'm excited to announce that I'll be offering one-on-one Tarot cards and Mediumship readings at these events

Athlone Holistic Fair

Athlone Springs Hotel, Athlone, Co. Roscommon

Sunday 07/07/2024

Carrigaline​ Holistic Fair

Main St, Carrigaline West, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Sunday 14/07/2024

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Ready to discover what the cards have in store for you? Schedule a Tarot session with me!


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Rina's Tarot

You can find me at:



Appointments are available every day from 9 am until 10 pm. Readings are arranged by appointment at any of the locations listed below.


For corporate events, house parties, and hen parties, please contact me via email at

Orchard Wellness Centre, Harmony Road, Ennis V95TN80 One-to-one readings, by appointment only

Upcoming date: Saturday, 20/07/2024

Quin Community Centre, Quin, Co. Clare V95RX75
One-to-one readings, by appointment only

On those special days, you can also connect with Alice Luthien for energy healing with crystals, aroma, and sound. You can also book a one-on-one crystal singing bowls sound bath or a group session at


Call me today:

089 447 0931

Send me an email:


60 min Tarot Reading  Zoom, WhatsApp or in Person 


30 min Tarot Reading Zoom, WhatsApp or in Person



Private One-on-One Sessions


Virtual Readings – Zoom or WhatsApp


Corporate Events


Hello and welcome to my world of spiritual insight and guidance.


I'm excited to share my story and the unique experiences that have shaped my abilities. 

When I was a child, I got very sick and my heart stopped for a moment. During that time, I visited a world full of angels and spirits. With the help of a nurse neighbour, I came back to life and discovered the ability to see and talk to spirits, including the souls of people who had passed.

My family and I moved to a peaceful village and a beautiful house near the forest. In the attic of our new home, I found a box with old Tarot cards. I felt a strong connection to them and started learning how to use them without any formal training. 

As I grew older, my abilities became even stronger. I had the chance to travel to different countries, including Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, South Africa, and now, I've made Ireland my home.


Here, I share the wisdom I've gained from my near-death experience and Tarot cards. My story is about transformation, self-discovery and connecting with the spirit world. Thank you for being a part of it!

Many blessings


Certified Tarot Reader, Psychic and Medium

Rina Tarot


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View my Qualifications

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Do you need some clarity or direction in your life? A Tarot reading can help.


Divination Tools I Use

In my divination practice, I employ a range of tools and skills to provide insight and guidance from the spiritual realm. At the core of my practice are various divination tools that offer unique perspectives on the past, present, and future:

Tarot Decks: I draw upon several Tarot decks, each with its own history and symbolism. The iconic Rider-Waite deck, originating in 1910, is renowned for its powerful illustrations. The Marseille deck, with its simple yet potent imagery from 16th-century France, adds depth to my readings. Lastly, the Rohrig deck from the 1990s captivates with its vivid and surreal imagery.

Additional Divination Tools: Beyond Tarot, I utilize other divination tools to enrich my practice:

Angel Cards: These cards establish connections with the spiritual realm and offer guidance from angelic entities, adding a touch of celestial insight to my readings.

Oracle Cards: Drawing wisdom from elements, animals, and archetypes, Oracle cards provide diverse sources of guidance that complement the Tarot's symbolism.

Runes: An ancient form of divination dating back to the Vikings, Runes grant me insights into specific questions or situations, adding a historical and cultural layer to my readings.

Psychic and Mediumship Abilities: My practice goes beyond above tools; I also possess psychic and mediumship skills that deepen my insights:

Clairvoyance: Visual impressions and symbols offer additional layers of meaning to the divination tools I use.

Clairsentience: Sensing emotions and energies aids in providing empathetic and holistic readings.

Clairaudience: Auditory messages contribute unique perspectives from the spiritual realm.

Mediumship Abilities:

Spiritual Guides: I connect with spiritual guides to enhance readings, drawing on their wisdom to interpret card messages.

Contacting Loved Ones: My mediumship abilities allow me to connect with departed loved ones, sharing messages and offering closure.

Energetic Sensing: Sensing spiritual energies helps identify and interpret messages from spirits.

Through the synergy of these divination tools and skills, I offer comprehensive guidance, shedding light on various aspects of clients' lives and providing a deeper understanding of their paths forward.

Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to helping you gain insight and clarity in your life!

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Rina Tarot

Code of Ethics

Dear Beautiful Souls, welcome to Rina's Tarot – a sacred space where I'm honoured to guide you with my Tarot readings, psychic insights, and connection to the Spirit World. With love and respect as my compass, I pledge to walk this path with you, upholding the following promises:

Radiant Intentions:

Using the art of Tarot, my Psychic Gifts, and Mediumship, I'm here to shower you with hope, joy and solutions. It's my mission to empower you and illuminate the beauty within your journey.

Your Wellbeing:

My readings and psychic work are offered as beacons of light – never to cause harm or deception.

Whispers from the Universe:

Remember, a Tarot reading, or my Psychic Insights are like whispers from the universe, inviting possibilities rather than dictating fate.

A Multifaceted Guide:

I wear the hats of a Tarot reader, Psychic and Medium, blending these abilities to bring you deeper understanding and healing.


I never provide health diagnoses, venture into legal or financial territories or engage in dark predictions. I also want to assure you that predicting outcomes of pregnancies is beyond the scope of my practice.

Bridges to Experts:

I'm not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. Should you seek such guidance, I'll lovingly steer you towards professionals who can help.

Aligned Choices:

If a question doesn't resonate or feels ethically uncertain, I'll gently decline. My compass is always set to what resonates with truth.

Honouring Limitations:

If I’m unable to provide you with a reading, I'll step aside gracefully, offering a full refund.

Permission and Consent:

I'll only embark on this journey with your willing heart. I honour the sacredness of each soul's path.

Respectful Connections:

When inquiring about others, I'll tread with mindfulness, ensuring it aligns with the greater good.

A Tapestry of Diversity:

Every soul, regardless of their background, is a cherished guest in this sanctuary of guidance.

Compassion and Acceptance:

Judgment has no place here. My heart extends to every corner of your experience.

Tender Honesty:

My truth is wrapped in love. I won't sugarcoat, offering genuine insights to guide your journey.


I'm not here to dictate your path, but to illuminate it. Your choices remain sovereign and free.


By refraining from providing explicit timelines, I honour the profound interconnectedness of the cosmos and its inherent wisdom. My purpose is to illuminate the pathways before you, to offer insights that empower your decisions and choices. Imposing rigid temporal confines would only diminish the richness of this experience, diverting attention away from the present moment—the fertile ground upon which you sow the seeds of your destiny. Embracing uncertainty is not a surrender to the unknown, but a celebration of the limitless potential that each instant holds. It is a testament to the belief that your journey is an intricate dance with the universe, where the steps you take in the present reverberate across the expanse of time. As you navigate the labyrinth of life, remember that the true magic lies not in predicting the future, but in co-creating it with intention, mindfulness and an unwavering connection to the cosmic forces that guide us all.


My readings are meant for those who have embraced 18 sun cycles and beyond.

Clarity and Transparency:

I'll communicate openly about services I provide.

Sanctuary of Privacy:

Your stories find their resting place within my heart, never to be shared with anyone.

Eternal Learning:

My commitment to growth and continuous improvement keeps our journey vibrant and transformative.

Enriching Lives:

A portion of proceeds from selected readings will flow to those less fortunate, brightening lives in distant corners of our world.

By following this Code of Ethics, I'm privileged to offer you an authentic, warm, uplifting, and honest Tarot, Psychic, and Mediumship experience.

With love and light,

Founder, Rina's Tarot

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